Monday, 29 February 2016


Hey guys!
How's your day going? does it feel any different? today being the 29th of February...Leap year and all Lol... 
Here is another "Currently & Favourites" you can read the last one here

Currently listening to: The Life of Pablo (Kanye fan here! Lol)

Favourite skincare product: Pixi Glow Tonic (review) and Okume ("raw" Shea butter) I have been using raw shea butter consistently since late last year and I love how soft it has made my skin.... I don't use it on my face though!

Currently watching (Tv show): Grey's Anatomy, How to get away with murder (I'm currently residing in Shonda Land basically) 

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Currently watching (Movie): Last movies I watched were "Fathers and Daughters" and "Sex and the city II"

Favourite makeup product: Nothing.... Haven't worn makeup in so long, the heat and my oily skin leave no room for makeup. It would just be a waste of time...

 Currently eating: Rice x_x

Currently drinking: Pineapple juice

Currently craving:  Subway

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Currently needing (Beauty): a facial :|

Currently needing (Fashion): Silver sandals - I'm on a bridal train in April and we are meant to wear silver sandals and I'm over the ones I have at the moment.

Currently needing (Makeup): nothing since I haven't been wearing makeup but maybe, the Becca primer

Currently Missing:  Electricity!! NEPA whyyyy!!! 

Current Mood

what are you current favourites or obsessions of the moment?



  1. Hiya. A facial is a terrible, terrible idea. It ruins the skin. I need steady electricity as well. Why, NEPA, why?

    1. Really? Why do you think a facial is a terrible idea? If done properly I think it's very helpful...


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