Monday, 7 March 2016


Hey guys!
How are you doing? So it occurred to me  a few days ago that I hardly share my fashion hauls with you guys and I have decided to do so more often...
Hopefully it is something you guys would enjoy?

I mentioned the Adidas 'Superstar' trainers in my maiden "currently & favourites" post and I am glad to say, I finally snagged a pair. I'm yet to wear them but be prepared to see a lot of it in upcoming posts :)

Maju Blazer dress and Mira blouse.
I'd been lusting after the blazer dress for a while but for some reason I didn't buy it...that is until the leap day sale. Thank God I waited since I got it at a fabulous price. 
I bought the Mira blouse because I'm lacking a 'decent' white blouse.... Still after a 'boyfriend' type white shirt sha.

Another Zashadu bag.... I'm not sponsored I promise - I wish I was though. This time I got the classic which is bigger than the other two I've been sporting... See the others here and here

Vintage earrings... It was want at first sight. I love vintage items and I'm always on the look out for pieces that appeal to me so when I saw these getting them was a no brainer and if you know me you know I love statement jewellery...heck I love statement anything :p

So, these are my latest fashion buys. Any recent fashion hauls? Tell me! I would love to know..

Would you like more posts like this?



  1. I love these Zashadu bags. So gorgeous!

  2. I love the bag.............errrm where can i get the adiddas shoes.

  3. hayyyy i need details on whwere you got the superstar from and price

  4. Yes I would like more posts like this.
    Please include the price in them too.


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