Saturday, 1 March 2014

Review | La Girl HD Concealer in Toast, Chestnut & Toffee

Hey guys! 

Quick review... These concealers are so popular that I really don't think there's any need to spend time doing a long "introduction"

LA Girl PRO conceal HD concealers have been compared to MAC prolong wear and make up for ever full coverage concealers by so many people so I knew I had to give it a try.

Unfortunately, testers are a myth here in Nigeria so I had to rely on dear old google and YouTube for swatches and shade recommendations.

After much research I settled on these shades

In descending order - Chestnut, Toast and Toffee

I use Chestnut or Toast for my face.
Toffee is used as an under eye highlight
 "Fawn" is another option for highlighting but I cannot find that shade anywhere :( I even stumbled on Toffee by luck.

(Left - right ) Chestnut, Toast and Toffee in natural light.

(L-R) Chestnut, Toast and Toffee taken with flash. 

i like the consistency of this concealer it is liquid but not runny which is good. It dries to a matte finish, it's long wearing with minimal creasing (under eye area) coverage is decent and a little goes a long way. 
I do not use the brush attached to blend i use either my fingers, a brush or a beauty blender. These definitely get my stamp of approval. 

Price: 1,200 (Poise) / 1,500 (Gifty's daughter) I purchased mine from Poise as Gifty's daughter didn't have any of the shades I wanted at the time I stopped by.

Availability isn't the best. It took me two separate trips to get these tubes. Poise has a lot of darker shades like Chestnut, Toast, Beautiful bronze and Dark Cocoa ( I'm sure I picked up the last tube of Toffee)
Gifty's daughter has lighter shades like Warm sand, Pure beige etc. 

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  1. Try Stella's Addiction, she might have some Fawn left.

  2. Really need to get my hands on these concealers! They seem to be worth the hype!

    1. Girlll, I love them. cheap and cheerful! It's worth a try x

  3. hi I fell in live with them when i got them ,i had to get toffee,toast and fawn im yet to get chestnut,maybe u should try beautyrevolution thats where i got mine,gifty had alot im sure they ran out.Nice post u r the first to elabourate on the right shades for Nigerians been shearching apart from d Nigerians livin abroad .

  4. I currently use these concealers and I loovvveee!
    I use them just to highlight my brows and sometimes my face.
    I initially got Fawn because YouTube, but it's so light for my dark skin so I got Chestnut which I use to highlight my brows and I can be sure there isn't some scary halo.
    I also got their orange corrector but it's a bit darker than the mac prep and prime and can be somewhat too opaque.
    I got mine from shop.zlanche on IG


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