Thursday, 10 March 2016


Hey guys!
Today I'm going to be talking about a trend I'm seriously loving at the moment...Oh my goodness guys! to say I'm obsessed with "off shoulder" pieces would be a big understatement  but not the usual bodycon off shoulder pieces but looser, dreamier pieces and for some reason (fate perhaps) I have been stumbling on some seriously enviable styles and I cannot wait until I join the #OffShoulderGang 
Olivia Palermo
You already know I love Olivia's style I featured her in a old post read here

 @kyrzayda via Instagram

Blogger Desola of "DeeMako"

@blaireadiebee via Instagram

Unknown (Stylish) Lady via Instagram

Via @experiencezazaii on Instagram

I think Shoulder's are SO sexy and should definitely be shown off more! I must must must get a few...

Are you a fan of this sort of off shoulder style or you prefer the body con versions

I lay no claim to any of the pictures posted, all credit due has been given



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