Saturday, 20 February 2016


Words I hear way too often... Why do people feel like they have a right to front row seats in my life? Often times it's people that have absolutely no business with whatever they are enquiring about.
I find it unsettling because I never think their 'concern' is from a place of love... Call me a cynic but that's just me.
Funny thing is these people seem most concerned with relationship issues. Do you have a man? Do you think he's the one? What is his blood group? Lol - ok no one has asked the blood group question...yet! Probably just a matter of time.

This was my dp on my bbm sometime last month and the amount of 'are you engaged' calls and messages I received were astonishing. I went from a state of confusion to annoyance real quick.
I was confused because I didn't understand how the picture depicted an 'engagement'.... Annoyed and slightly hurt because I felt they weren't asking from a place of happiness or love but more for gossip material.

In this era of social media overkill it is very easy to over share so maybe that's why people think I'm secretive. But I make no effort to be 'secretive' that's just how I am. Those that need to know, know. I do not hide my relationships but at the same time I guard them jealously because I know, not all who smile while asking 'how is he' mean well. 

Before people enquire, I wish they would stop and think 'what right do I have to ask this' I rarely ask people personal questions randomly I mean, everything comes to light eventually. Why stress myself minding someone else's business when I can mind mine.

Keep some things to yourself, keep the magic within.



  1. People will think and say what they will, there's no room for privacy any more.

    1. Yes. But I'm fighting tooth and nail to hold on to my privacy

  2. My dear, people around me know that as chatty as i am, i keep my secrets well. I'm a cynic sometimes and I also know people ask for gossip sake not really because they care so i try so much to avoid convos that make people too comfy they start to ask questions i don't want to answer. the same way i don't ask people about their lives except they voluntarily share and then maybe i could share a piece of mine as well.
    in this picture however maybe its just age that makes people conclude one is engage once one has a ring
    i wish that people could just learn to mind their business.

    1. Exactly! I wish people would just mind their business ­čśŐ
      Yes, you're right the age thing adds to it,

  3. I love the colour of your hair in this photo.
    Also, I changed my BBM photo to a picture of me and a male PLATONIC friend a while ago and I got sooo many messages asking if we were together. I eventually had to take down the photo cos it was quicker than explaining lol. I get that it's coming from a good place (most of my BBM contacts are close friends and family) but I lowkey felt attacked by all the questions lol.

  4. How they got that message from that picture I wouldn't understand. I've come to understand most of them don't care they just want to satisfy their curiosity and have something to talk bout.


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