Sunday, 30 August 2015


Hey guys!
I am not a shopaholic I promise...Blame this purchase on YouTube, Instagram and my current highlighting obsession.... This post should have been up a long time ago but taking pictures of swatches have been proving difficult...I finally got some help from my friend Alice (Thank you!)

So, I went into YangaBeauty studio to thread my eye brows (Jennifer is such a sweetheart plus she did an awesome job on my eyebrows) and me being the beauty lover I am, I had to buy something - my rationale was (is) since I was bypassing shipping charges it was ok. Lol
This palette has 6 eye shadows and 2 baked highlighters can I be completely honest, I bought this only for the highlighters.

Purchase: YangaBeauty
Price: N 3,000

 Eye shadow swatches

Highlighter Swatches

 Like I said earlier, I bought this palette because of the highlighters and they didn't disappoint! they are finely milled so they apply smoothly and they are very pigmented.
I have been reaching for them whenever I want to "glow" which is ALWAYS! lol
The first highlighter is my favourite of the two. It shows up as a yellow based gold on me.... while the other one has pink undertones so it comes off as a rose gold colour which is equally pretty. 
I can't comment on the eyeshadows in this palette because I have only used them once and tbh, when it comes to eyeshadows I haven't got a clue.

Are you a highlighter lover like me? Tell me your favourites 



  1. Lol.. We bought it for the highlighters practically..

  2., spot on, the eyeshadow thing. I'm always lost. I need to have a sit down with Youtube and up my eyeshadow game. Ion the other hand, I'm slowly becoming obsessed with highlighters sha. Sigh.

    1. Girl, my obsession is full blown! That eyeshadow thing eh, lid colour, transition colour, crease colour after sometime all I hear is bla bla bla

    2. As in! Are we trying to write jamb or something? Abeg. But I'm going to dedicate some days of my vacation to it :)


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