Saturday, 15 August 2015


If you love sea food and you reside on the mainland I have awesome news for you Ocean basket now have a branch located in the Ikeja City Mall.
I'd never been to Ocean basket before but I'd heard about it so when my friend told me there was now one close by plans were made to go check it out.

Price: 820 Naira
I love garlic bread so I ordered a portion.
This is different from the type of garlic bread (the baguette) that I'm used to. 
This garlic bread was topped with feta cheese and came served in a lemon -garlic sauce 

Note- The cheese isn't present throughout the bun.

Thoughts - It was ok but I prefer the baguette style garlic bread and the portion wasn't generous bread could also have been a bit softer.

Complimentary Bread came with green Chilli, minced Garlic & Tartar sauce

Price: 8,220 Naira

We ordered the Family platter for our main
The platter is made of - 12 prince prawns, calamari, 4 portions of fish, rice and fries.

We cleaned it out! 
Now, this platter is meant to feed 4 people *side eye* how is that possible?Maybe 4 kids? Or maybe I just eat a lot.

Ambience:  you have the option to either sit outside or inside the actual restaurant. we went there on a Sunday evening and chose to sit inside. It was clean, cool but not cold and not very spacious.

Service: The lady that served us was very pleasant and attentive. I was very pleased with her. No complaints.

Taste: The fish fillets could have done with a little more seasoning and the garlic bread could have been softer.

Portion: I think they can be a bit more generous with their portions but I'm a foodie so maybe it's just me.

Pricing: I noticed there are 2 different taxes included in the bill. Now I don't know if this is the norm because I don't usual scrutinize my bills but I found it weird. (Is this what other restaurants do?) apart from that, I think the pricing is ok. We spent 12,000 Naira (when you include tip)

On my way out I spotted a sushi bar! Will definitely be going back to Ocean Basket.



  1. Oh this is nice, gats check it out..

  2. I like the complimentary's always hot and fresh <3
    I've only been to the one on the Island, definitely checking out this one...maybe buzz when you want to :)

    1. And free!! (Best part) lol... Yay! Date :)

  3. Hi Vieve! I was there last week Friday with a friend and I must say that I love the place and will want to back there. We ordered fish and chips. The addition of the complimentary sauces is also very nice.

    Although I noticed not many people came into the place. Maybe because of the time we walked in.

    Nice blog btw.

    1. Hi Tosin!
      Maybe it was the time you went there were a good amount of people when I went there. I generally prefer it when a restaurant isn't crowded anyway :)

  4. went to the one on the Island recently. It still retained its ambiance and delicious food. It is definitely a favorite place.

    1. :) that's great as we sometimes have a knack for not maintaining standards.


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