Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Hey guys!
It's no secret that I have very oily skin so I'm always looking for all the oil control help I can get be it through primers, makeup extending sprays or foundation.
I picked up this primer a few months ago after reading several reviews.

Price: 3,500 Naira
Purchase: Allure beauty


This primer is OK the oil controlling ability is average as I start to get some shine on my nose in 2-3 hours on average (depends on weather conditions and the 'mood' my skin is in)
 I like that even though it's white it goes on without any trace; no white patches or residue! It's also lightweight so it doesn't make your skin feel tight or like you're wearing a mask.
With this primer, my makeup goes on a bit smoother but it does little or nothing where my pores are concerned - I have pretty large pores.
I think the price is reasonable and the amount of product (30ml) seems to be the standard size (of primers I've used)

I might repurchase just to have as a backup because it's a good primer but, it's definitely not "holy grail" so I'll be looking for something 'better'

What's your favourite primer?


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