Tuesday, 11 August 2015


So we are always talking about makeup and how to apply it but not so much attention is paid to its removal. 
Because I'm prone to breakouts boohoo! *insert sad face smiley* I take extra care to take off my makeup often times triple cleansing which can be a chore - especially when you're knackered. 
I decided to give the MakeUp Eraser a try on the hopes that I could shave off some steps in my makeup removing routine.

The claim is that the MakeUp Eraser will remove all your makeup including waterproof mascara with just water! What? No eye makeup remover? No cotton pads? No cleansing milk? I definitely had to try it out. 

Packaging is pretty straight to the point, the MakeUp Eraser comes wrapped in a transparent nylon as shown above

The MakeUp Eraser is super soft. That was the first thing that caught my attention. It feels like a microfibre towel but a lot softer than any microfibre towel I've ever used!

Ewww! Lol pardon this gross picture but I had to show you guys.

I wet the towel with warm water (you can use cold I just prefer warm water) and proceeded to wipe my face. To say I was surprised would be an understatement my makeup was just coming off I didn't even have to apply pressure or be harsh! I was wearing regular mascara but I don't think waterproof mascara can withstand the MakeUp Eraser. 
After using the makeup eraser I swiped my face with a cotton pad saturated with toner  - there was only very little residue on the cotton pad. Must say I am impressed! This cuts down the amount of time I spend taking my makeup off tremendously! After this I just used my face wash and I was done.

Definitely recommend this!


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