Sunday, 15 February 2015


Hey guys! Late last year I introduced a new "step" into my makeup application process and I must say my makeup now lasts a lot longer. I rarely have to blot during the day and even if I sweat, my makeup looks normal once I've cooled off and the sweat dries *victory!!!!!*

So my "weapon" is powdering my face before applying my foundation. 

Here's what I do:

Starting with a clean, moisturized and protected face (don't forget sunscreen ladies!)

1. Apply primer and allow a few minutes for it to settle.

2. Apply powder of choice in my case, ponds oil control powder apply where you tend to get oily. I apply it all over my face and then go back and apply on my problem areas like T-zone and cheeks.

3. Apply foundation as normal (most of my foundations of choice are mattifying)

4. Contour/highlight/blush (this step is optional...obviously)

5. Set it all with powder (Black opal oil blocking powder or MAC skinfinish is dark deep are my powders of choice)

6. Finally, I Seal it all in with a finishing spray. Now I am very generous and sometimes my face even gets wet but I just plonk myself in front of a fan or ac and wait for it to dry.  (currently, I reach for either my Skindinavia or NYX matte setting spray)

The final step is super important as it takes away the powdery look (if you've been heavy handed with the powder), taking you from "cake face" territory to Fleek land! Lol

How do you get your makeup to last?


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