Tuesday, 5 June 2012

New in....

hey guys how's it going? Thought I'd show you some things I got a while back. Tiny information.... I have very oily skin and I'm constantly looking for ways to keep the oil at bay. While watching a YouTube video last year, I learnt about a product from black opal that was supposed to help in the war I'd waged against oil! Unfortunately, I was certain it couldn't be found easily here in Lagos so I put it on my list of "things to buy"(i make lists for almost everything) luckily for me, I was able to get my hands on it and some other things I'd had on my list thanks to my 'supermen' (dad and brothers)

(12)  NYX lip pencils, nars 'taj mahal' blush (finally!! I've wanted this blush forever!) and black opal oil blocking powder.

Givenchy necklace (vintage)

4 inch (approx) 'endless' hoop earrings.

Real techniques brushes; core collection , stippling brush, powder brush and foundation brush.
the buffer brush in the core collection is supposed to be amazing! but I haven't  tried it x_x...... Honestly, I haven't  used any item yet... I did try on the necklace though :)

sidebar: on Sunday (03/06/12) a plane carrying 150+ people crashed here in Lagos killing everyone on board and 69 people on the ground :( my Dad's friend and aunty's brother in law and so many friends of friends were on board. I've cried and I'm all cried out... God knows best. I pray God has mercy on their souls... May they Rest in peace.


  1. Love them all! did you get the Nyx pencils and Nars blush in Lagos? If so, where?
    Btw I'm also into makeup, check out my blog when you can www.dorranne.blogspot.com

    1. Hi, No I didn't :( I like your blog :) thanks for stopping by! X


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