Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Make Up Designory (MUD) cosmetics - 'Rose clay' lipstick review

Hey guys, this is a lipstick review as mentioned in the title. I got this lipstick sometime this year. I'd seen MUD products in my salon but I never paid attention until my friend suggested 'rose clay' as a possible dupe to another lipstick.

taken without  flash

taken with  flash

Price : 2,500 Naira ; I think the price is fair but, if I'm comparing with other lipsticks readily available here eg Sleek, I'd say it's a bit expensive.

Availability: should be pretty easy to find here in Lagos. Got mine from Park 'n shop in Victoria Island. Amisha salon in Ogudu GRA also sells MUD products.

Quality: Unfortunately, I wasn't happy with the lipstick :( it started melting a few days after purchase. I even had to put it in the fridge....

Packaging: I think the packaging (box and bullet) is very basic. nothing special.

side bar: this lipstick turned out to not be a dupe as initially thought... but, I think it's a nice "peachy'' nude for my skin tone. However, I don't like the formulation of this lipstick. I always wear gloss over it. They've classed it as "sheer" but it comes off pretty opaque in my opinion. 

would I repurchase? Honestly, probably not. It's not a lipstick I reach for often so I don't even see myself finishing this tube. 

Please bear in mind that this is my opinion. This is just my experience with one lipstick from their line... The owner of the salon I use loves MUD so as always, it comes down to personal preference. I'm contemplating purchasing an angled eye-liner brush from them. Hopefully I'll have better luck with that.

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  1. wow for a lipstick to melt, that ain't cool, i just hope Tara is better

    1. I was so disappointed! Never tried Tara lipsticks but I hope it is better.


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