Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Family day..

hey guys! how's everyone doing? this is a 'follow up' from my last post.... it was my cousin's introduction. ( for my non Nigerian readers, this is the first stage in the marriage process...it's like a formal meeting of the bride and grooms families...2 more stages before they're officially married ) 

Getting ready was such a hassle.... my mum didn't like what I wanted to wear - jeans and a tank top so after so much back and forth, we agreed on this maxi dress...

dress - gift 

 I cannot say just how much I love this blush! (nars taj mahal) I initially thought it was just being over hyped by beauty bloggers but if you're into blushes, I'd definitely recommend it.

back of the dress has pretty lace detail

my mum nearly flipped when she saw I wasn't wearing earrings....talking about why do I want to 'disgrace' her. LOL so I put on some 4 inch hoop earrings -__-

had to carry a lot of stuff so I brought out my baby! :D bought her for my 21st birthday (yeaa I buy myself birthday presents x_x)

with my cousin - Uche...... after wolfing down 2 plates of "small chops" I had to reapply my lippy...went for girl about town

the lady of the day...my cousin Vivian can you tell she loves red?

 my honey Ivie came over to say hello and banter! she reignited my fringe lust... 

Ivie and Uwanna

.........It was a wonderful day spent with family, an old friend and small chops!! :D



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