Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Hey guys!
Final part of my review on the closure from Wholesales Naija (read part 1 here)
Like I said in the first post, this is my very first closure and I must say I'm a convert! I don't know how or why it took me this long but I'm glad I finally got with the program.

close up shot of the closure.

I'm currently using the closure for the second time so I think I can give a fair review.

 The first time I used it I had to straighten it so it would blend in with the weave. It straightened easily and I didn't have to straighten it again. The hair was silky initially (a bit to silky) but after a couple of days it blended in better. However, towards the 3rd week, the hair on the closure began to look "rough" - bear in mind I really didn't "take care" of it in terms of using serums or what not. I took it out at the end of the 3rd week and I was pleased when the hair waved back up once I washed it - I was worried it would not.
Also, I did not do the concealer thing quite a number of people seem to do because, I think it looks OK as it is and I'm really not trying to complicate things for myself since the whole point of the closure was to make life easier for me.
This time around I have paired the closure with a curlier weave and it blended in alright. So far, so good.
In summary, it's not a bad closure, shedding is minimal, the hair isn't the best but it certainly isn't the worst, for the price I can't really complain.

I will be investing in another closure - a 3 part one if I have my way (trying to reduce the number of times I retouch my hair to twice a year, so closures will come in handy)... I'm looking for another vendor to try but if I don't find a suitable on I might just make my way to the Wholesalesnaija shop because, apart from the delivery issue, I'm happy with the closure.

Are you a fan of closures? is there an affordable vendor you would recommend?


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