Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Lipsticks are my favourite make up item, definitely the most plentiful in my makeup stash. 
After trying and liking Milani "Matterialistic" (read review here) I decided to try more shades from their liquid lipstick range and settled on these two shades - Magnetic and Emotion.

Milani describes the shades as so, Magnetic - Pearl Cranberry | Emotion - Reddish Brown.
Both shades are very beautiful - I'm partial to Magnetic though so, if I had to pick one that would be my choice. 
(L-R) Emotion and Magnetic

I was not disappointed with the formula of these lipsticks, they are opaque and creamy but dry down to a comfortable matte finish - they dry down at a reasonable speed not too fast and not too slow I like this because it gives you time to correct any error that might occur. I did not experience any patchiness with either shade.
They are not completely transfer resistant but transfer is minimal, they are long wearing so I don't usually have to reapply but on occassions where I do, I have no issues with application.
These lipsticks don't flake or become uncomfortable after some time like some other  liquid lipsticks.
Overall, I am pretty pretty impressed with these and for the price I think they are a steal! This is currently my favourite "affordable" lipstick range and I would definitely repurchase these or try other shades in this range.

Price at time of purchase - N3,800 each.

I have touched on the areas I think are important but if you have other questions please feel free to ask!

What's your current favourite lipstick shade or brand?


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