Sunday, 19 February 2017


Do you have things that you must have on you at all times - if possible. I certainly do! I thought I would share mine with you kinda like a what's almost ALWAYS in my bag post.

Sanitizer - I'm a bit of a germophobe so I always try and have hand sanitizer on me.
Lip balm - I hate dry lips so I tend to have an array of lip balms on me.
Perfume / Perfume atomizer - Gotta always smell good.
Pen - I'm a scribbler so I almost always have a pen on me.
Tissue - I sweat a lot (ugh!) plus I hate it when I go to pee and there's no tissue :\
Lotion -  I'm always washing my hands so lotion is a must - this smells divine!
Power bank and charger -  I log this brick around because who wants the stress of  dealing with a dying phone - I really need to invest in a smaller more portable powerbank.
Chewing gum / Mints - Gotta keep my breath fresh!
Compact mirror - Do I really need to explain why? lol
Phone and Earphones - So necessary!
Wallet - Cash and cards. duh!
Hair brush 
Umbrella and Hand fan (not pictured)

So, what do you have to have on you always?



  1. I also own a massive brick of a power bank. It's a pain to carry around. I want a smaller one. My handbag essentials are: phone, wallet, lip balm, power bank, and tissues. A powder compact and a retractable brush as well .

    1. Lol I'm glad I'm not the only one with a brick of a power bank. Compact powder and retractable brush! Ije you're such a 'beauty' girl ­čśé


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