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How is it going? hope you are all doing good and enjoying the festive season?
So, after years of wearing weaves, I finally decided to hop on the closure "band wagon" in a bid to preserve my hair line and my leave out in general.
Whilst trying to decide who to give  my money to I realised there were not a lot of reviews on hair retailers and their products so, I thought I would start some sort of series talking about a particular hair company and my thoughts (ordering process, price, customer service and quality of hair) because as a lady I know how important our hair is to us it's not referred to as "crowning glory" for nothing. But, I also know that this is a path that isn't all roses and good stuff so, hopefully my experience can help someone else make a better informed decision.  

Todays review will be on Wholesales Naija weaves n wigs wholesale outlet.

The hair came packaged as shown above apart from the dispatch envelope of the courier that was it. I don't know what the code means but I assume "BW 12" means "body wave texture and 12 inches length" since that is what I ordered.

 The closure came encased in a thin hair net - I guess to protect? the hair. Lol

Like I said previously, this is my first foray into closure land so I honestly cannot say too much but I will break my review into the following important bits:

Ordering Process
I placed my order for this closure via phone. It was at this point I got the price of the closure and delivery information i.e. price of delivery and how fast I would be getting the closure.
Wholesale Naija have two stores in Lagos details will be at the end of this post so you do not have to order via phone.

12,000 Naira - Closure
1,000 Naira - Delivery

Customer Service
I placed my order on Thursday and was told it would be delivered on Friday. Friday morning I called to confirm because I did not want to be sat at home waiting for a package that would not be delivered and I was assured it would be delivered - it was not. I figured since I ordered pretty late on Thursday maybe the Friday delivery date was a stretch so I did not bother getting worked up. Saturday morning I called and I got the same "it will be delivered today ma" - it was not. 
I think what vexed me the most was the fact that each time I called I had to go through the process of explaining what I was calling for this annoyed me because if they were following up with the courier company as they claimed the mere mention of my name would ring a bell! or am I expecting too much?
It eventually got delivered Monday mid day and the courier guy told me he just took a chance coming here because I was not answering my phone... I drew a blank there cause I had not missed any calls heck my phone was right in my hand.... turns out who ever filled in my details at Wholesales Naija put my number down wrong!
All in all, the process was pretty annoying and I think if I ever purchase from them again I will save myself the stress and just go into a store!

Quality of Hair 
Since I am yet to use this I can't say too much but the hair feels soft and on running my hand through it several times I'm yet to experience any shedding but, all this might change once it is installed. The ends of some of the strands look "burnt" don't know how to explain but that's what it looks like. Lol and there is no smell. Also, even though its labelled 12 inches it's actually NOT even when the hair is stretched out it is still about half an inch short! yes I actually measured.

I will have a follow up post where I discuss my experience with the closure and let you know whether I will recommend it or not. So, be on the look out for part 2!

Brand - Wholesales Naija
Instagram - @wholesalesnaija
Store - Silverbird Galleria Victoria Island Lagos and No 5 Osho street Opebi Lagos

I hope this will help someone out there wondering what to expect when ordering from WholeSale Naija.



  1. I'm really not a fan of wholesalesnaija, I've had 2 people buy hair from them to be turned into a wig and they were a total mess. On one occasion, they gave a friend the wrong length of hair, cheated her of 5000 Naira and didn't offer any reasonable solution. You can check out hairbybeesroots or thebellestore on Instagram, I've used their products severally and trust them.

    1. Hi Alex, wow if I had known this I wouldn't have patronized them lol hopefully my experience is better they seem to have an issue with giving correct lengths a friend had that issue too... shame cause I thought maybe it was just a one off thing apparently that's not the case. Funny thing a friend of mine bought hair off the bellestore and she wasn't happy with it so I think this hair game is a serious gamble ­čśĽ But I haven't heard anything bad about hairbybeesroot so i'lol add her to my 'to try' list.


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