Tuesday, 13 December 2016


All I want for Christmas are these!

Christmas is 12 days away...or is it 11? anyway you catch my drift.... Does anyone ever get anything from their wish list? I have, just once though. But I think they are fun to do a sort of reminder for me although, if anyone is feeling generous (I have been VERY good this year) these are some things I need want for Christmas.

Going clockwise...
  1. Pandora Charm bracelet (This can be purchased from the Pandora store in Ikeja City Mall)
  2. Taos Glow Kit 
  3. Fujifilm Polaroid camera 
  4. YangaBeauty Browlution pencil 
  5. HP Pavilion x360 Laptop or any Laptop with a 13 inch screen :)
*I don't think my list is outrageous so fingers crossed*

What's on your Christmas wish list? 


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