Sunday, 17 May 2015


Hey guys!
You know I had to try the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge ( what a mouth full) since i'm a fan of  Real Techniques.
This sponge is meant to be their version of the famous beauty blender.
I bought this almost 2 years ago but only started using it recently ( I know! I know! I have issues)

this is the 2nd sponge I've used the first one was from Sonia Kashuk and in summary, I didn't get along with that sponge. So I wasn't sure how I'd fare with this sponge from RT.
I love this sponge, personally I use it dry or I spray some elf mist and set or rose water to moisten it a bit (especially when blending my concealer)
This sponge is shaped different from the sponges I've seen in that it has a flat part - like a bit of it has been sliced off. This cuts down the amount of time used to blend in foundation as a large portion of skin is covered with each dab.
Now I find myself still using this to blend my foundation even after I've used a brush.

Cheap (price ranges from 2500 - 2800 Naira)
Soft (the first sponge  I tried turned hard and started to crack after sometime)
Multi tasking - blends in foundation & concealer seamlessly and quickly. I even use it to set under-eye concealer sometimes

It stains! I've been unable to get rid of the stains left behind by my foundation and concealer. I have tried soap, going in with oil then soap and the stains are NOT budging.
It takes a while to get clean so you get a mini arm workout (which might be a "pro" depending on how you look at it)
Are you a fan of beauty sponges? I have the original beauty blender in my arsenal and I'm excited to try that and see how it compares to this RT sponge.


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