Monday, 11 May 2015


Hey beauts!
I'm back with the final (for now) post on my Real Technique brush collection. This time around we will be talking about their blush, stippling and setting brushes. 

Stippling brush

My first impression of this brush was - I don't like it - I hated this brush for a few months. But that's because I wasn't using it properly. with this brush you MUST stipple or your foundation (liquid) will be a hot streaky mess at least in my experience. Once I figured that out I fell in love with it. 

Blush brush

LOVE this brush! it is so soft and fluffy. This is my preferred brush for applying blush. It gives such a beautiful deposit of colour I hardly ever have issues of applying too much blush and I think this brush should get most of the credit. I recommend this brush and I will definitely repurchase if needed.

Setting brush

This brush is SO soft and fluffy. I use this brush two ways, either to blend out concealer used to tidy my brows or to set concealer beneath my eyes. It's the perfect brush for that as I find it's just the right size and since It's so soft there's no sort of irritation when I use it near my eyes.

You can purchase these from Allure beauty (read post about them here) and online beauty vendors like BeautyRevNG etc

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The blush brush is my favourite from this bunch. Do you own any of these brushes?



  1. Been reading reviews on the stippling brush...seems like it'll be a good buy but I have the buffing brush and I love it for my foundation application. Need to try this out tho.

    1. I don't think you need the stippling brush if you have the buffing brush... Maybe get the 'expert face brush' if you really want to buy another brush for applying foundation. That's my favourite real techniques brush for foundation application. Xx


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