Monday, 30 April 2012

birthday fun.

Hey guys!
How's it going? great I hope! it was my cousins birthday over the weekend, and she had a little "thing" at some place called Sip lounge. It was a fun night! A birthday I'm sure she won't forget. while I still have your attention....

birthday girl!

These pictures were taken when I got home. so please excuse my melting make-up and tired mug...

dress - h&m | necklace - Mawi (I've had this necklace for years and this was its first outing lol)

I'm wearing sleek "vixen' on my lips. lovely colour and it's really long lasting! kinda sorta reminds me of 'ruby woo' but without the drying effect of 'ruby woo'. I'll do a swatch to compare.

Have a great day!
love and smiles,


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