Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wardrobe envy featuring Aimee Song.

hey guys, how's everyone doing? I decided to start a series featuring people afflicting me with serious wardrobe envy. I'm starting with the blogger behind "song of style" - Aimee Song. I've been stalking Aimee's blog for years now and I love her style. It's not only about what she wears, but how she wears it. She exudes serious cool factor! 

love how laid back this look is. the shoes aren't something I'd look at twice but Aimee wears it so well. I'm really lusting after floral denim so to me the shorts are the highlight of this outfit.

love the patent (?) panels of the jacket and the bleached out denim. I'd wear this without any hesitation

I love her arm candy..

the bag.....the arm candy...<3<3

on paper this outfit shouldn't  work... print top, yellow jeans and leopard heels! but Aimee wears it so well...I love the outcome.

like I said earlier I really like floral denim so I obviously loved this outfit.... actually I like floral print in general..... 

love the neon accents on the necklace and how she matched it to her nail polish

I think i'll stop now cause I could go on for a

all pictures are from her blog: 

style and butterfly kisses,


  1. so fantastic

  2. she has a great style!!!


  3. Misson accomplished, now I'm envious toO!!


  4. and on top of that she´s looks absolutely stunning. wouldn´t mind to have her closet :-)




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