Saturday, 14 April 2012

olive chiffon and denim turn-ups

hey guys, hope everyone is doing well...I have been thinking of braiding my hair for a while...finally took the plunge and got some box braids. I'm loving it so far. hopefully, said love won't fade. went to see my cousin that just had a baby today and this is what I wore:

this whole outfit is more or less a "DIY" project. olive green chiffon top - Me, shorts - old skinny jeans I hacked and tacked into turn up shorts. I'm looking for some really good  shorts that won't break the bank. preferably some vintage Levi's....

necklace - Topshop (I think)
belt - Asos

so does my diy outfit pass? yay or nay... lol

sandals - gift from mummy :D

smiles and butterfly kisses,

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