Thursday, 5 April 2012

Daytime sparkle!

hey guys,

how's everyone doing? while getting ready today, I decided I wanted to shine!! lol like compete with the sun type of shine. so I pulled out probably the shiniest item in my wardrobe. I've had this top for a while but I'd never worn it (like many other things in my wardrobe). I also thought I'd extend this 'plan' to  my make-up.... I'm wearing a (frost) lipstick called "sequin" by m.a.c.

I know a lot of people reserve their sparkly clothes for night time but I'd rather wear mine during the day and have people reaching for their sunglasses as I walk past :)

top - thrifted
'soft' jeans - forever 21

this look reminds me of the "I dunno'' smiley on bbm. I call it my "don't piss me off" look. lol

denim flats - gift :D


smiles and butterfly kisses


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