Saturday, 16 July 2016


Hey guys!
So here's the second installment in our collaboration. We thought it would be a good idea to 'dress down' our looks - from the previous post.
I lost the pants and swapped my heels for a pair of converse trainers.
Belinda and Desola also swapped their heels for flats with Desola introducing a face cap into her look. How do you go from formal to casual? 

Another way I'd rock this look casually is by undoing the buttons and adding a tank top (or crop - depending on how much I plan on eating) and some denim shorts. Honestly, that's probably how I will be rocking this 'dress' because it's too short and the buttons don't come all the way down so it doesn't quite work as a dress for me. 

Belinda got on the face cap wagon too and left me behind lol

Outfit details remain the same...
Shoes: Converse All Stars 

Hope you're all doing great.

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