Thursday, 7 January 2016


Hey guys!
How's 2016 treating you? Wonderfully I hope.
So, I got an invite recently that got me thinking.... My friends birthday dinner is taking place this week and being me, as soon as I was aware of the dinner i had already planned possible outfits in my head...

Then I received this,

Dress code: All Black
*gasp* NONE of my outfit choices are all black.
So I'm definitely not keeping to the dress code Lol for several reasons....The biggest being I do not own an "all black" ensemble that I think is dinner appropriate....

Which led me to the question (and this blog post) do you keep to dress codes?
 I think i tow the line.... I won't show up to a "white party" wearing all black but I also wear jeans to Church which a lot of people find weird.
This also showed me that my wardrobe is part colour and part pattern... I mean, off the top of my head I have maybe 5 tops that are plain black and one is more or less a t-shirt. Might be time to start investing in some more black pieces that are "hangout" appropriate.

So guys, do you keep to dress codes? or are you "rebellious" like me...I'm curious to see how many people (if any) keep to the dress code



  1. I haven't attend many events with dress codes, but I try to keep to them sha. I think you can make the best of whatever you have...dinners in Nig aren't all that glam like wear a killer dress and all. You can get away with black pants and a black top, playing up accessories and with nice heels.

  2. Lol at killer dress. I thought of the top and pants butttt I only own one pair of black jeans x_x I need to assess their condition first...others are work pants and scream it loud! Lol
    Maybe I should 'challenge'myself and try and stick to the dress Code...

  3. Make the best with whatever makes you feel comfortable really. Best wishes!

  4. I actually love dress codes because they force me to be creative and make the most of my wardrobe.
    I didn't have any dinner appropriate/ Formal black dress for the longest time. I saw one on Debra's Grace but by the time I got to their store it was sold out. I went for Mente De Moda in December and bought 3 black dresses for 16k, different styles, different lengths and I'm really glad I bought them. I've worn 2 on the blog already, the 3rd one is knee length. I've learnt to invest in classic neutral pieces because they can be worn in sooo many different ways.


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