Sunday, 4 October 2015


Hey guys!
How's the weekend going? 
...Like any good beauty addict I had to try out Black Opal's new foundation. Black Opal is loved amongst women of colour (woc) with their foundation stick being probably their most popular product (don't quote me). I personally haven't tried any of their foundations but with the buzz around this I just had to check it out

After reading a ton of stuff online and looking at swatches I decided to go for the shade "Carob" (I have a concealer in the shade Hazelnut that matches me ok but the swatches of this foundation in Hazelnut appeared too light and I read a few reviews were people that used Hazelnut in the stick foundation used Carob in this new liquid foundation)

It comes in a plastic bottle but it doesn't look cheap. I actually like that it's made from plastic I'm a bit clumsy sometimes so knowing that if I ever drop this foundation it will only bounce around is a relief.

It comes with a pump! *yay* I love that it has a pump a lot of "drugstore" foundations do not come with pumps.

The pump dispenses a lot of product (this isn't a full pump in the picture above) - I use just one pump for my whole face and I could get away with a little less.

Swatch taken indoors

Swatch taken outside

I REALLY like this foundation. The coverage is amazing! I don't have to use a concealer for scars when I use this. It goes on smoothly meaning, zero issues with blending/buffing it into my skin. It does nothing in terms of minimizing my pores but I'm not fussed about that. The oil controlling ability of this foundation is average - nothing a little bit of blotting can't fix though. Carob isn't a perfect match for my skin tone it leans a little bit orange but I counteract that by highlighting and setting with a translucent powder helps. Overall, I'm very impressed with this foundation and I can see myself repurchasing! 

Price: N 3,500
Purchase: BeautyKink 

Here's to a blessed week!



  1. Now this is on my wishlist, only problem is my skin can like to act funny so I need to swatch this first on my face before buying, I wonder how that will be possible.

    1. Try beautykink I'm sure Shalewa can help xx

  2. Pls can you do a review on the Revlon colorstay foundation? I noticed they have a new formula which now has a pump and spf15. I ll like to know if it's as good as the much talked about old formula. Tanks

  3. Girl, you know I got this in the shade Nutmeg. For some weird reason, I had only used it in the evening...the occasional dinner and night outs and it was so good that I kept my Black Up away for a while. Then I tried it one day for a wedding in the afternoon. The foundation was melting as I was applying it. It does not work well for this climate abeg and even when I sat in front of the ac and it dried up, a little heat and it was back to running...and trust me my face was well primed.

    So, back to evening/night time use, this foundation shall never see the light of day...literally.


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