Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Hey guys!
It's another one of those posts lol! Get comfortable, grab some snacks if need be...
Going forward from my last of such posts (read post HERE), a lot of women agreed with my opinion that quite a number of men do not put in effort or finesse when it comes to wooing...
This of course got me thinking (what else is new, chief "over thinker" at your service)

We can all agree that chivalry is dead (or in a coma I'm being optimistic here) but who killed him?

It's easy to point fingers and blame the men but....

Let's be honest we (women) have played a huge role in this. Now before you close this tab proclaiming my 'stupidity' let me explain the method to my 'madness'
Is it possible that over time the 'desperation' of certain women have made men relax? I mean why work for something you can get for free?

How many times have you let a man (or woman) get away with less than acceptable behaviour? If something - in this case 'bad behaviour' is accepted over and over it becomes the norm no?

I mean it seems like with most men of nowadays even the slightest effort on their part seems like a chore... Ladies how many times have you heard/read "your wahala is too much" "if it was xyz she would have..." 

Ladies and gentlemen lets say NO to bad behaviour....Don't be afraid to demand your worth because people will treat you only how YOU allow them to.

Granted some people are just douchebags irrespective, are we dealing with issues we created for ourselves?


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  1. All great food for thought indeed. Greetings to you.

  2. we women are the cause of the laziness we see in men now a day. When chioma demands more from John, and wants him to treat her better, Chioma is telling John she will not demand much from him, that all she wants is to give him all of her and bare his last name. Women should really stop getting desperate and should believe they deserve better.


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