Friday, 2 January 2015

Chit Chat | Resolutions

So, what would a "new year" be without resolutions? I'm not much of a resolutions girl but it's never too late to start besides You.Only.Live.Once 

In no particular order I would like to:

1. Drink more water - I'm always trying to increase my water intake so no harm adding this to the list.
2. Exercise - I LOVE to eat and the older I get the harder it is to remain gutless :( I've gotten a start on this even though I haven't been the most consistent.
3. Be kinder to myself - we are often our worst critics (at least I know I am) but this year, I've decided to use a little tenderness.
4. Worry less and be more positive 
5. Be HAPPY 
6. Be more prayerful - one can NEVER pray too much!
7. Just LIVE - Not overthink things but live in the moment...Sometimes 

Of all these resolutions I think 2 and the first part of 4 will be challenging but it's worth giving it a shot! And maybe now that I've put it out there I will make an effort to stay on track.

Your turn, any resolutions this year? Share with me :)



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