Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I wish I wish I wish!

if you follow me on twitter you'll know I was going on and on about satchels... my "want'' list seems to be  increasing by the day x_x I've been told that I need to seek help for my shopping habits... But c'mon who doesn't like pretty things? *vieve shrug!*
My birthday is coming up in June (yay! twirls) so I've complied a list of things I'd like... I'm really not one to ask for things.... butI'm constantly getting "well you didn't ask'' "you should have told me" bla bla bla so this year I'm asking in faith..... "ask and you shall receive...." 

1. A 13''-15'' satchel from 

fear not I don't want all of them (but if you insist I won't refuse them) if i had to choose It would be the gold one <3<3 or the pink one. 

2. i'm drooling over a few pieces from virgos lounge:

The Aggy jacket

The moss blouse 

Zaina clutch:

Bee clutch
 Ivy clutch
I can't even choose one..... 

3. YSL arty ring from I've wanted one for years...but somehow it hasn't found it's way into my jewellery box :(

Yves Saint Laurent  Yves Saint Laurent 

I think i'll stop now. lol

love, smiles & gifts! :)



  1. loving that gold!


  2. Loving the Gold Satchel and the YSL arty rings, especially the red one :)


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