Monday, 3 July 2017


Hi guys!
Another Vieve eats post, it's rainy today in Lagos and I was in no mood to get wet (again) So rather than go out to eat I decided to order food to be delivered.
But I also did not want the usual rice or spaghetti that I usually have... and then I remembered Peckish (I stumbled on their Instagram page a few months back and registered it in my brain for future reference.) 

Peckish offers Paninis with a side of fries/egg salad and salads (The menu seems to change slightly)
I went for the Barbeque Chicken panini and salad.
 Their bread is freshly baked and you can choose between white and brown. I chose white - haven't had the best experience with brown bread in this country. But, I think I will opt for brown next time. 
Can you see how moist the inside is? the outer bit still had some crunch - well balanced.

I really enjoyed my sandwich, it was warm and moist  not soggy o! - I decided I did not want cheese but I also wondered if it would result in a dry sandwich (I was assured it would not) They were not stingy with the chicken and it was well seasoned. I actually wish the sandwich was bigger that's how much I liked it.
The croutons in the salad was a welcomed surprise I wasn't expecting it, that's very good considering the salad is essentially an add on. The salad was fresh, vegetables were crunchy; no sand or funny business going on. They are not stingy with the egg either I think theres a whole egg in there (don't quote me sha). If you like dressing with your salad, they give two tubs :)
Delivery time was not bad, it took about 30-35 minutes for me to get my order from the time I ordered.
Service was great I had a few questions and they were all answered pleasantly

Price: N1,800 (Panini and Salad)
Delivery: N400

Would I order from Peckish again? Hell yeah!


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