Monday, 17 July 2017


Hi guys!
Today I'm going to share some tips for making your manicure last at least 7 days. I usually do my nails myself and I often get questions on how I manage to make my manicure last; I am not a professional-obviously but I have been doing my own nails for a while so from experience these steps are what I do to ensure I get a lasting manicure.

1. Ensure your nails are clean and free from any sort of oil or cream before you begin - I would recommend washing your hands first but if you have just taken off old polish you should be fine (If you're in doubt wash your hands)
2. Use a base coat - I can't over emphasize this. Your polish needs something to adhere to so this step is very important.
3. When polishing, go over the tip over the nail.
4. Use a top coat.
5. Double up on your top coat, I usually apply another layer of top coat on the 3rd/4th day of the manicure.
Bonus tip use quality products ­čśŐ

That's it! 
Do you have any tips for a long lasting manicure?



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