Sunday, 9 July 2017


Hey guys!
I have wanted to try white nails for the longest time but I always have issues with white nail polish. After trying white polish from O.P.I, Sinful colors and China glaze to name a few I gave up.
I find all the white nail polishes I have tried to be super streaky, requiring several coats of polish to get any thing that even looks decent which usually ends up smudged - if I haven't given up and reached for nail polish remover before I get to that stage.
Since I had a good experience with the polishes from Vane (read review HERE) I decided to try the white polish in their range.

Like I detailed earlier, white nail polish is notoriously difficult to apply so I approached this with some apprehension.
 please ignore the messy edges

Coverage & Application: I needed two coats but by the first coat, I knew I would make it to the end because even though one coat was not sufficient, it was pretty opaque and not too streaky (Yay!)
By the second coat I had a somewhat even opaque coat of polish, I wondered if I would need a third coat - I decided to stick with two coats and I am glad I did because the top coat took care of whatever unevenness was there - which was probably just in my mind.
Longevity: White polish is not the easiest to have because it stains so I probably won't have this on for more than a week tops.

So, is this the best white nail polish ever? probably not but, it is the best I have tried. That being said, my white nail polish quest ends here; I am pretty satisfied with the results I got from Kasablaca.

Brand: Vane 
Shade: Kasablanca
Price: N2,500

Are you into white nails? what is your favourite nail colour?

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