Thursday, 6 April 2017


Hey guys!
It's time to start rolling out the reviews from my last haul and this is the first of the bunch (if you want to know what other reviews to expect click here)
I bought this serum to help with oil control and brightening.

I saw a difference after using this serum once I use this serum at night and woke up with hydrated, soft, balanced skin. Which is amazing because I usually wake up with a greasy face. Now, I just look glowy if anything.
Overall, thanks to the Niancinamide, my skin looks brighter, my pores are smaller and the amount of oil my skin produces throughout the day has reduced a great deal. The 1% Zinc in this serum has also helped with blemish control I had 2 spots pop up around that time of the month and they healed really quickly.
This serum works well with other skin care products - I layer a couple of products on this without any issue.
I love this serum, it is definitely going to be part of my regimen for a long time Deciem has a winner with this in my books.

If you have blemish prone, oily skin and you are looking to try products from The Ordinary, this should be on your list.



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