Friday, 7 April 2017


Vitamin C is one of those ingredients that is (supposedly) meant to be part of your beauty regimen as it is said to be anti-aging and have brightening benefits to name a few so adding this to my order was a no brainer.

I have used vitamin c in my beauty regimen on and off for years now from the Bodyshop range to organic serums but this one from The Ordinary is different from anything I have used. The texture of this is quite weird it looks like a regular white lotion but upon application, it feels gritty i'm assuming it is the vitamin c that's suspended in Hyaluronic acid giving it that granular texture.
This is the second to last item in my morning routine; I apply this over my day time serum easily but, when I go to apply my sunscreen over the vitamin c suspension, I experience pilling. I found that a way to avoid this was applying both at the same time instead of layering the sunscreen over the vitamin c suspension.
I have not experienced and breakouts or congestion with this product. My skin tone appears more even, skin is brighter, smoother and softer to touch - I have actually had comments on the softness of my skin. Yay!

This product replaced my day time moisturiser - I have oily skin and I sweat easily so I try to keep my daytime routine to a minimum plus I think the Hyaluronic acid in it does an awesome job at keeping my skin hydrated so I honestly don't miss using a regular moisturizer.  

The Ordinary offers other vitamin C formulations so I will probably try a different one next time but vitamin C just might have a permanent spot in my regimen now.

Is Vitamin C a staple in your beauty regimen?



  1. Love the sound of this brand. Where is it sold in Nigeria?

    1. Hi! I don't think this is sold here but you can contact Ijeoma of beautyfrenzyblog or order from ASOS/directly from Deciem.

  2. I haven't tried THE ORDINARY but I heard their products are really good. thanks for sharing.


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