Friday, 17 March 2017


So, I went a bit crazy for Raya recently like, it is actually becoming a problem but, this kind of problem I don't mind having.

Let's call this my spring jewellery haul shall we? spoken like a true shopaholic

 The love I have for this piece ehn! - I actually gasped when I opened the box.

These were completely unplanned but, I saw them and I just could not let go so I decided to buy it cause I knew I would eventually come back for it so why wait?

I got these in January but they get an honourable mention because I talked about buying them in this post

4 tier Turquoise - 18,000 Naira (sold out for now) 
Square Cage  - 16,000 Naira (other colour options include yellow, pink, green and purple)
Pink druzy and Pearl drop - 17,000 Naira (other colour options include green, blue and black - I think)
Triangle - 17,000 Naira (also available in turquoise)



  1. Wow, these pieces are just beautiful. Is it a Nigerian brand, would have loved it if you linked the product page and also mentioned the prices in the post. xx

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    1. Hi Daniella, yes it's a Nigerian brand. The prices are listed at the end of the post. The brand doesn't have a website but you can shop via their Instagram page, grey velvet and shopmeidei.


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