Sunday, 16 October 2016


Hey guys!
Look who's back from her mini hiatus...honestly, it was not planned - it never is. But, I had so much going on in my personal life so as usual, I took a step back for quite a number of things for my peace of mind. I am back now, and hopefully, I won't be disappearing anytime soon Lol! I hope you are all well!
So, do you know a lot of Ankara prints have names? Like, 'Heavy rain' , 'English gold', 'Bamboo' etc it always amuses me whenever my mum tells me the name of a particular style.
This one is called 'Jumping horse' for obvious reasons.

There are SO many variations of this dress now...
 I sucummbed and had my mum's tailor whip up something for me. No regrets here, comfort and style what's not to love? will definitely be making a few more.

Initially I wanted to wear blue shoes and a black bag but I decided that was too predictable *ehem* boring. So, I went with Orange heels and a bag in that shade range. Still matchy matchy, but not as predictable.

Hold up, let me fix my dress :)

Dress: Tailor made
Bag: DVF
Shoes: BCBG


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