Saturday, 20 August 2016


Hey guys! 
I'm back with another trend that I am currently loving. Chokers aren't a new thing but they've definitely been given a new lease of (fashion) life and I can't get enough. 
People are sporting all kinds of chokers metal, velvet, leather, denim the list is endless really. Below is my humble collection of chokers including one I have had for about 9 (maybe 10) years! Can you guess which one? 

First up, is the Black Velvet Choker - This is probably the most popular one right now (in my opinion)
I like this because it's simple and versatile I wear this without having to overthink it... I even wear this to work :)
Purchase: AccessoriesNg*
Price: N3,000
*if you do purchase this from AccessoriesNg please bear in mind, mine came short so I had to add more links to the extender chain - and my neck isn't 'large' at least I don't think so lol... Just thought I'd mention it.

Black suede lace tie choker - you can tie this at different lengths depending on the look you're going for.
Purchase: Bland2Glam
Price: N 3,500

Red bow leather choker - this is the choker that I've had the longest. I only started wearing it like 2 months ago - I'm so glad I didn't give this out like I'd planned to a few years back. I've never come across a choker like this and I love 'unique' pieces.
Purchase: Christian Dior
Price: can't remember sorry - they probably don't even make this anymore

Gold choker - this one is classy and will dress up any outfit or add a little oomph to an already dressy outfit. I think this one defies age restrictions... I can see my mum wearing this easily!

Purchase: Bland2Glam
Price: N 7,500
The beauty about this trend is you don't have to rush out to purchase a choker. You can easily DIY one and see how you feel about them before you take the plunge.

So, are you guys loving chokers or totally over it? I'm no where near over it... I actually have my eye on 2 more from Ariaba that I'll be purchasing once they're back in stock 🙈


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