Thursday, 18 August 2016


Burning rose... weird name for a fragrance when I think "burning" I definitely don't associate it with anything good. But, despite that, I still went ahead and bought this perfume without smelling it call it curiousity or trust (my friend spoke highly of it) I was intrigued and jumped in hoping I would be pleased.

Burning Rose is a unisex fragrance this is my first outright unisex fragrance but I don't really pay alot of attention to such labels I wear what I like for years in high school Calvinn Klein's Eternity for men was my go to fragrance I actually didn't start buying "feminine" fragrances until university...Ok, enough chatter.
Burning Rose has notes of Bulgarian Rose -Duh! , Cinnamon, Ginger and Indonesian Patchouli. I would describe this scent as warm, spicy and floral it's a very "deep" fragrance 
I like the bottle there's a quiet elegance to it and the cap is magnetic so it snaps shut - things like this excite me lol

Sillage on me is good, I often reserve this fragrance for night time or weddings - I sometimes feel like it's too much for everyday activities like going to work.

Do you wear fragrances meant for the opposite sex? Would you ever consider a unisex fragrance?


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  1. I love reading your fragrance reviews, helps a lot.
    I love frangrances for the opposite sex, there's something "unexplainably" exciting about it.


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