Saturday, 7 November 2015


Hey guys!
Went to Cactus with my sister - friend Sandra over the weekend. I've been going to Cactus for such a long time - since high school - I feel so old! Lol anyway on to the review. We did things back to front and started with "dessert"

Ok, confession time... Saturday was my first time having Macarons. Which is weird cause I'm such a sweet tooth.
I liked them but I don't feel I can give a proper review since I have no prior experience... 

I ordered a chocolate muffin and I found this to be so DRY! I couldn't even bring myself to finish it. So disappointing.

Sandra got a red velvet cupcake. I tasted this and I also found this to be DRY. I need to remember not to order their cakes because I'm always hopeful but always disappointed :( 
Thumbs up for the Halloween themed frosting sha :)

Price: 1,000 Naira
I ordered a Lemonade. It was ok, not sweet enough for me though.

Price: 900 Naira
Sandra ordered a Chapman. Didn't taste it but from experience, Cactus makes decent Chapman.

Now on to the main course.

Price: not quite sure but their burgers are priced 3,100 - 3,600 Naira (plus or minus a few)

Sandra ordered this burger. When it came we burst out laughing because we weren't expecting this. The burger was HUGE! You can't see it but I'm actually holding it up cause it was leaning and about to topple over.

I tasted it and it was bland. Could have been better seasoned.

Classic club: 3,050
I order this every time I go to Cactus at least the last 4 times I've been there I've ordered this either 'to go' or to eat in. I just like to stick with what I know to avoid disappointment. 

Ambience: Cactus has the option to dine inside or outside. I always sit inside. It's well lit and the temperature always seems just right. Not too cold or too hot. 

Service: It was ok, I wasn't wowed but I also don't have any complaints.

Taste: I wasn't too pleased. Dry cakes, Lemonade was too tart, Burger wasn't well seasoned. The only thing that tasted ok was the club sandwich. 

Portion: Cactus offers generous portions. The Club sandwich seemed smaller than I remember but even at that the plate was still more than enough and the fries and salad/coleslaw come with the sandwich/burger.

Pricing: pricing is fair with 5/6 thousand Naira you can have a decent meal (drink included)

This time around Cactus didn't quite live up to all the fond memories I have of their meals....

Have you been to Cactus? What's your favourite thing to order?



  1. The breakfast spread at Cactus is my drug. Agh! The ham and cheese omelette is everything.

  2. I haven't and you're not making me want to x_x


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