Friday, 3 August 2012

Storage ideas

Hi guys,

how's everyone doing? I have been struggling with how to store my make up brushes since I came back. I didn't have access to any of the stores that several beauty bloggers recommend for getting storage items. so I just stored my brushes in a make up bag...

Sometime last week while eating, I had a slight "eureka" moment..... as I spread the last bit of mayonnaise on my bread, I realised I was staring at a possible brush holder! I finished off my sandwich and rushed to wash the jar so I could put my thoughts into action....

while waiting for the jar to dry, I googled and I was pleased to find out so many people were reusing such jars for all sorts of things! since recycling is near non existent here I really think this is a good thing to do. plus the final product ain't to shabby if I do say so myself.

 not bad aye? me being extra, I decided to add some dried flowers (well pot pourri) to make it more aesthetically pleasing :) 

of course I didn't  stop there, I've washed a honey jar in preparation for more brushes or lip glosses... 

Ps: if you own the real techniques brushes this is a perfect holder. I know a few bloggers had issues storing the brushes because of the way the end is shaped. i had no such problem with this jar :D

I hope you guys will try it out!

love and diy's
vieve xx

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