Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Hey guys!
Wore this outfit last weekend to attend my friend Damola's birthday non party... Lol. 'Non party' because it wasn't a party she just had a few friends over at her house.

I had decided before Sunday that I would be wearing this top for several reasons
1. Since purchase last year I haven't worn this top.
2. I wanted something that would be chic but not restrictive basically, something that would accommodate any gluttony that might occur.

I added the other elements of this outfit as I went on. Initially I was considering some white skinny jeans but I eventually settled on dark blue skinny jeans.  

The fluidity of this top is amazing. So much so that it was really difficult to photograph - there are a lot of pictures on my camera where I look 7 months pregnant simply because it was a bit windy.

Top: ShopMaju
Pants: Forever21
Sandals: Antik Batik
Jewellery: Raya
Bag: Zashadu 


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