Thursday, 9 June 2016


Hey guys!
How are you doing? So, I haven't done a perfume post in a while.... simply because I hadn't purchased/gotten any new fragrance in a while... but that's changed..obviously!

Right, on to the matter at hand.

La vie est belle comes in a sleek glass bottle. Nothing fancy - it definitely won't add any extra glam or oomph to your vanity but, I think there is a "quiet" prettiness to this bottle.  Personally, I like the bottle and it fits nicely in my palm.

La vie est belle opens with top notes of Blackcurrant and Pear, heart notes of Iris, Jasmine and orange blossom closing with base notes of Tonka bean, Vanilla, Praline and Patchouli. Basically, La Vie Est Belle is a sweet smelling fragrance with vanilla and floral notes.

Love or Loathe
I LOVE this fragrance... It is sexy, feminine goodness which is right up my alley and it mixes well with some other fragrances in my collection...yes I like to layer my fragrances.
Sillage on me is good...I enjoy catching whiffs of this as I go about my day. It is currently one of my favourite fragrances.
I really, like the name of this fragrance too La vie est belle translates to "life is beautiful" and despite all the wahala on ground i'm still holding on to faith that life is indeed beautiful regardless (I'm super cheesy I know)

How ya smellin? what fragrance have you been reaching for?



  1. This perfume is the truth! what i love most about it is that it LASTSSSS!!!!!!!!! and i got so many compliments when i wore it. Unfortunately your friend Belinda hates it (rme) so i couldn't get it again. But i shall!

  2. Lol how can Belinda not like this perfume?? Please repurchase it. Yessss it lasts!


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