Friday, 22 April 2016


Hey guys!
How's your week going? Yesterday was my friends traditional wedding and almost everything that could go wrong with me did....

For some reason I decided to try a new tailor - big mistake but, hear (read) me out, the dress she made for my friend looked really good, it was neatly sewn and all for a good price! (awoof they purge belle) so, I called the tailor showed her a picture of what I wanted...discussed price (turned out to be more expensive than I had hoped for) and timeline for delivery.

 Fast forward to the date of delivery, I woke up to a whatsapp message that she will not be delivering my dress as it was her sisters wedding O_O
Big lie!!! she chose the date of delivery and I refuse to believe she didn't know it coincided with her sisters "wedding"
There was no point getting irate... I just told her to bring the dress the following Monday as I wouldn't be at home on Sunday (bridal shower day)
She came Monday night....I tried the dress and my heart sank. It looked nothing like I had imagined... plus it was ill fitting... I asked her to take it back and make some adjustments...she brought it back Tuesday night and I just decided to manage it and not risk her not showing up with the dress before Thursday...

 .... but, on Thursday when I wore the dress I felt I should have asked her to take it back I don't know if it was the fact that it was bright but I could see that not much had been done in terms of adjusting it to fit better. I don't know if coming late is part of her gimmick cause at that time of the day it's dark, my brain is on it way to sleep mode and prancing about in aso ebi is not on my list of things to do...

Then, as if the dress wahala was not enough, my makeup decided it wasn't going to cooperate... I highlighted and "baked" my under eye as I usually do but I was aghast to find when I looked in the mirror on my way to the venue that it had gone all blotchy and crazy looking... I couldn't turn back and go and redo my face.... After all the day wasn't about me... sigh...
You know what they say, when it rains it pours.... at least I made it there in one piece and on time... So i guess the day could have been a lot worse and it was comforting to hear the other girls complaining about the issues they had with their tailors .... Lol 

so there's my story....



  1. Tailors are the worst. Nowadays I just stick to the easiest most comfy styles for my aso ebi to avoid drama and when i need to kill it, I rely on just three of my mum's expensive tailors and they never disappoint.

  2. IS that the dress you complained about? Looks good to me but then, what do I know?


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