Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Hey guys!
Harmattan is finally upon us and minus the dust it comes with, I love this weather. One major complaint I get is how to combat the dryness and come out the winner!
What we are trying to avoid. 

1. Stay hydrated!
Your skin is the last organ to benefit from the goodness of water. So make sure you're drinking enough water 

2. Stay away from boiling hot showers/baths

Now I know when the weather cools down ones reflex is to boil (for lack of a better word) themselves while bathing to remain warm. DON'T do it. You're just stripping your skin of much needed moisture. Would you believe me if I said I still have cold showers? (Sometimes) Crazy I know.

Ashy Larry definitely lost his fight!

3. Keep some oil within reach 
I slather myself with oil in the shower while I'm still damp this locks in moisture. Sometimes I use cream / lotion while damp then apply some oil / Shea butter to seal all the moisture in.

4. Exfoliate
Slathering creams and oils on layers of dead skin will do you no good. This applies to your lips as well... Be gentle though.

5. If you cannot moisturise and seal your hair nightly I suggest you tuck your hair away using a protective style (weave, braids whichever you prefer)

6. ALWAYS have a moisturizing hand cream and lip balm on hand.... I make sure I use both before bed to ensure I wake up with soft, supple lips and hands :)

Looking like Ashy Larry is not cute! May we all be moisturised and glowy this season :)

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