Thursday, 31 December 2015

HELLO 2016

Hey guys!
365 / 365.... 2015 is done. I hope you all had a wonderful year. If you didn't don't give up, where there's life there's hope :)

I would summarize 2015 as a year of delay is NOT denial. I learnt so much about myself and the strength I possess. This was a year when God proved himself and shut me up! Lol 

I don't want to preach but I want to tell you God hears and He is still in the business of answering prayers.... Pray every SEASON pray without CEASING was my mantra for 2015 and I will definitely carry it into 2016.

I'm not one for resolutions but one thing I will try to be next year (in 37 minutes) is be more THANKFUL.

Here's to a WONDERFUL 2016. Happy New Year! 


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