Thursday, 11 December 2014

Life lately #1

Hi guys!
Long time no blog...I deactivated men! I needed to rest and just kick back I'm currently on holiday and I thought I'd update you guys on a bit of what I have been getting up to with this little collage. 

1. Some recent buys from H&M

2. Beautiful sky line 

3. #Selfie I'm really loving MAC viva glam I (So much that this is the ONLY red lipstick I brought on my trip) 

4. I've been listening to singles from K. Michelle's Sophomore album a lot lately

5. Breakfast smoothie (YUM!)

6. Some make up buys

7. Trying out a new "nude" lip product

8. Shopping (Looking at this picture, I'm wondering why I didn't buy this dress)

9. Doughnuts!!! If you know me you know how much JOY good doughnuts bring me.

So, how has life been treating you guys? great I hope!


  1. Doughnuts!!! Oh the joy! The H&M rings are purrfect, but people keep taking them off me, I have only 3 left :(

    Enjoy your holiday :)


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