Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Girl about town

hey everyone , **waving**

went to the cinema with my friend to see "man on the ledge" I originally wanted to see "the vow" but it's not out yet. man on the ledge did not disappoint though.... I enjoyed it! Thought I'd take a break from wearing jeans seeing as it's so hot (Lord send down some rain pleaseee)
This post is titled after one of my favourite lipsticks which I decided to wear today... anyway,while I still have your attention here's what I wore. 

 sandals - Kurt Geiger

 fell in love with this skirt it's a "triple threat" to me.....pleats, floral print, midi length...

strawberry necklace - Kenneth J Lane

 skirt - thrifted
top - forever21 h&m :p
belt - can't remember

dark blue and pink vita bangles - bunnyhug (?.... can't remember x_x)
watch - Longines (dad's old watch which is now my 'new' watch :) *new watch alert...* they were actually about to "throw it away" cause it was old and unloved but all it needed was a wash and a new battery)
blue and purple enamel bangle - Random 
flower ring - stole from mum

gold cluster ring (light pink and white stones couldn't get the camera to pick up the colours) -  gift stole  from mum.

what are you loving this spring? I'm loving mints, corals and sheer fabric (my inner nudist speaking)

have a blessed day!

love, smiles and butterfly kisses,


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