Friday, 16 June 2017


Hi guys!
So I've been eating out a bit and pictures usually end up on social media - what else is new? This often means I have to answer a bunch of questions so I thought I'd make it into some sort of series on the blog. 
These outings usually occur during my lunch break so the pictures are taken with my phone.

HSE is first on the list. I've been to HSE three times in total so this post will feature different dishes.
Grilled Pork Chops N' Mac - Grilled BBQ pork chops, "twisted" mac n' cheese with a side salad.
Price: regular 6,000 ( I added prawns to the mac n' cheese for N1,000) = N,7000 
For me the star of this meal is the Mac n' cheese. I loved it and the option to add prawns is genius (I love prawns) the pork chops were a bit inconsistent; the first one I had was dry and tough but the other three were soft and well seasoned.
I liked the salad, the vegetables were crunchy and fresh, nothing spectacular but it doesn't claim to be.
Would I order again? Hell yeah!

BBQ Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese sandwich this comes with a salad. There's the  option to add fries (at an extra cost) which I opted for. 
Price: N3500 plus + N800 for the fries.
According to the menu this is essentially BBQ pulled pork, Mozzarella and Swiss cheese. I didn't like this sandwich... On paper, it seemed lovely but it did not have enough BBQ sauce and had too much cheese - I like cheese but the amount in this sandwich was a bit overwhelming the ratio was definitely off.
The accompanying salad is basic but I love it, it was fresh and the dressing was lovely.
The fries were ok, nothing to complain about.
Would I order again? No.

Siracha Prawn Po'boy Sandwich - Panko crusted prawns, siracha mayo, lettuce, tomatoes on a French baguette with a side salad (Sweet Potato and Regular Fries can be added at an extra cost)
Price: N4,000
This is what I ordered the first time I went to HSE as you can see, by the time my order arrived, my companions were already half way through their meals. I found this delay strange as they ordered more complex meals.
I loved this meal, the baguette was fresh and toasted just right, they weren't stingy with the prawns either and the sauce tied everything together beautifully.
The accompanying salad was the same basic salad that comes as a side but like I mentioned earlier, I like this salad and I actually wish they were a bit more generous with it.
Would I order again? Yes.

Ambience: HSE is a cozy spot, it almost feels like you are chilling in your friends house (assuming you have friends that double as chefs) I really like the ambience and this resonates with almost everyone I have taken there.
Service: The staff are polite but, service is a bit slow like I mentioned above (if you are ravenous I wouldn't recommend here because if the place is packed you will probably be waiting a while)
I think average wait time is 20 minutes on a day that is not busy (this is just what it feels like as I've never actually taken note)
Pricing: HSE definitely does not count as an everyday lunch spot - unless you're rolling in cash then by all means carry on but, that being said I don't think pricing is outrageous either.
I'd definitely go back, there are a few things on the menu I would like to try.

HSE is located at Plot 2 Emma Abimbola Cole street, Lekki 1, Lagos.

Have you been to HSE? Did you like it? Any recommendations?

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